Blanket Barring Sytems
Sheet Fed Printing
Minimal press downtime is achieved through our range of barring systems which offer press ready blankets for most types and models of printing press.

Virtually every model of web offset press can benefit from bespoke blankets with our comprehensive range of disposable steel or aluminium bars. Bars are clamped onto blankets using pressures in excess of 20 tonnes, with security of the bar attachment ensured by a high performance 2 part epoxy adhesive.

Narrow blanket cylinder gaps, used on the Hantscho and Muller Martini presses, are accommodated by attaching a steel spring stiffener to the blanket and the use of specialist thermosetting adhesives.

A full range of bar sections is available to meet the needs of the many modern sheet fed presses now specifying disposable aluminium bars as standard.

Costly labour charges incurred in preparing blankets for the press can be avoided, as many of the heavy steel blanket bars used on older sheet fed presses can now be replaced with lightweight aluminium versions, supplied pre-fitted to the blanket.

The Master - Slave bar system offers further time and labour savings. A special aluminium Master bar is secured into the lockup mechanism of the sheet fed press and individual blankets are fitted with a lightweight slave bar which quickly and securely locates into the Master Bar. This avoids the need to tighten bolts and every blanket is accurately dimensioned, so blanket tension is always precise across the blanket. Master - Slave bar systems are available for most popular presses including MAN-Roland, Heidelberg, Komori and Planeta presses.

The comprehensive range of barring sections are available as cut lengths to customers with their own conversion facilities.

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