Boarding - Netz 

 Zum Aufbringen mit Pneumatik- oder Power-Pol (elektr.).




Teile-No.CFLN.05   5m (16 ft ), CFLN.10 10m (32 ft ), CFLNJ.05  5m (16 ft ),  CFLNJ.10 10m (32 ft )

Weitere Längen auf Anfrage.

 Climbing net allows multiple climbers to scale the target improving team insertion time. The net has three attachment loops which can be used to secure the net to the target either delivered by a telescopic pole or attached by a user aboard the target. The 5m and 10m nets have attachment loops at the bottom end allowing the nets to be extended with extra sections for increased length.

The CFLNJ version has side joining loops to join multiple ladders side by side. Standoffs can be either retro fitted or sewn into the ladder during production.

 In addition the ladder is:

   Extremely strong


 Woven 1100 decitex polyester webbing reinforced with 8mm carbon fibre rods which stretch the

complete width of the net. The rod is enclosed in a flanged tubular webbing which is fitted into and sewn between the double thickness pockets of the vertical webbing. In this way the rod is fully supported within the vertical members of the ladder.


Woven 1100 decitex , polyester webbing, 8mm carbon fibre rods.Length: 5m ‐ (16’4” ft)

10m ‐ (32’8”ft), Net Width: 1180mm ‐ (3’87” ft), Rung Spacing: 300mm ‐ (0’98” ft)


Finish: Matt Black, Weight: 5m = 3.75kg ‐ (8.27 lbs), 10m = 7.5kg ‐ (16.53 lbs)

Net Rated load: 750kg ‐ (1653.47 lbs), SWL: 600kg ‐ (1322.77 lbs)


Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/m3i9wdmn3vh2g36/Fibrelight%20net%20video.mp4?dl=0