Printing blankets

Metal 2a

Two-piece Can Decoration
Specially designed for use on Rutherford and Ragsdale two-piece can decorators, Metal 2A is an adhesive backed compressible blanket which can be quickly and easily stuck onto the blanket drum, removing the need for reel rod lockup systems.

Exceptional resistance to varnishable polyester inks, commonly used in the USA, is offered by the specially formulated EPDM rubber surface.

The need to replace blankets with each label change is removed by the absence of surface embossing, making the Metal 2A ideal for short run production. Long run production is benefited by lack of surface swelling, with continuous use over four days being reported without loss of print quality.

Minimal dot gain, fine reverse line detail and dense solids at all operating speeds result from the combination of a thick compressible layer with a micro-ground smooth surface.

Total blanket stability, at decorator speeds in excess of 2,000cpm, is ensured by a high shear-strength, acrylic adhesive coating. This purpose-coated adhesive minimises the risk of adhesive remaining on the steel after blanket removal by penetrating the fabric back ply.


Three-ply compressible with adhesive backing



1.0 Ám

Micro hardness

Shore hardness

6.2% @ 100 N/cm2

Adhesive loop tack
> 20 N/25mm2

Adhesive shear strength
> 25 N/cm2
Nominal thickness
1.91mm, product 0408

Available roll widths Bespoke cut sizes, gauged and sorted to provide a maximum gauge variation of ▒0.01mm per pack. Pack size 8. 50 blankets, as requested.

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