TR Turquoise  
'True Rolling' Compressible Blanket for Sheet and Web Fed Presses
Extensively used throughout the world on both sheet fed and web fed applications, this premium product ensures the surface speed of the blanket and printing plate are synchronised in the printing nip, due to its 'true rolling' properties. This lack of slip in the nip gives less plate wear, less paper distortion, less dot gain and less image slur.

Stable web control and less web flutter on both heatset and coldset web installations, and sharp halftones over a wide range of printing pressures, are further benefits of the 'true rolling' properties.

Excellent durability, with little risk of delamination or cracking at the cylinder bevel are a result of the robust carcase construction, with routine smashes easily accommodated by the thick, closed cell, compressible layer.

Other benefits include: Wide packing latitude; Compatibility with wide range of paper weights, all oxidation inks and most UV inks.

TR Turquoise is also available with a cast surface finish.

TR Turquoise



Construction Three-ply conventional


1.0 Ám

Micro hardness

Shore hardness
Compressibility 6.5% @ 100 N/cm2

<1.4% stretch @ 20 N/mm

Tensile strength
> 60 N/mm

Nominal thickness
1.68mm, product 0413 1.95mm, product 0414

Available roll widths
1550, 1850, 2100, 2300 mm

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