UV Compressible

Applications using UV Curing Inks
Significantly higher quality results in almost every application are possible from the hard EPDM surface of this specialised blanket - designed exclusively for modern UV curing inks.

Good ink transfer and faithful dot reproduction, together with accurate blanket caliper, easy release of ink and board and reduced paper build-up or board delamination, are all achieved through the blanket's smooth micro- ground surface.

Sharp dot reproduction across a wide range of press settings and good protection against smashes result from the syntactic compressible carcase, with its billions of hollow plastic microspheres giving this blanket a thick and highly resilient cushioning layer.

Although modern UV inks are often compatible with standard blankets, the hard EPDM surface will achieve a significantly higher quality result in most applications. However, because the blanket's chemical resistance differs from that of nitrile, it is important to use a suitable wash-up solvent.

UV Compressible


Construction Three-ply conventional


Ground EPDM polymer
1.0 Ám

Micro hardness

Shore hardness
Compressibility 6.0% @ 100 N/cm2

<1.4% stretch @ 20 N/mm

Tensile strength
> 60 N/mm

Nominal thickness
1.68mm, product 0481 1.95mm, product 0482

Available roll widths
1550, 1850, 2100, 2300 mm

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