Rettungsblitz MS 2000M

Zu den Versionen der  Blitzleuchte folgende vier Abbildungen.

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ms20001.jpg (4059 Byte)
ms20002.jpg (4874 Byte)
MS 2000M
MS 2000M mit Blaufilter
ms20003.jpg (4121 Byte)
ms20004.jpg (5336 Byte)

linke Bildhälfte: mit Nachtsichtgerät und IR-Filter, rechte Bildhälfte: ohne Nachtsichtgerät und IR-Filter

militärische Version der DoubleFly, links mit Blitz, rechts mit Dauerlicht.

ms2000-draw1.jpg (17443 Byte)
ms2000-draw2.jpg (18343 Byte)
ms2000-draw3.jpg (19152 Byte)
with IR-sheild in position
conventional strobe
blue cover and
in place

When it comes to saving lives,
anything less than the best is not an option.

The MS-2000 (M)™ distress marker light has come a long way since you purchased  original Firefly® back in the 1960s. Today, ARESA  features five distinctive versions of the MS-2000(M)™ that meet the most up-to-date requirements of the military and fit virtually any application.
Here are a few of the new features found in all of our MS-2000M)™ models:


Size: 4.5 x 2.2 x 1.1 in (11.4 x 5.6 x 3.3 cm)
Weight: 4.0 oz (115 g) without batteries
Light Output: 250,000 peak lumens per flash
Flash Rate: 50 ± 10 per minute
Light Dispersion: White-omnidirectional,

Operating Life: 8 hours minimum-strobe; 2 hours minimum-incandescent
Visibility: Military tested at a distance of 6 miles (9.6km) on a clear dark night
Waterproof: To a depth of 50ft (15.3m); 200ft (61m) diver version available
Batteries: 2 AA alkaline or lithium batteries (not included)
Case Color: Black with olive drab flashguard
Construction: Case, lens and flashguard-high impact polycarbonate; IR filter-butyrate
Activation: Spark proof magnetic reed switch
Limited Warranty: 1 year

Phone :

+49 6128 970-817

Fax :

+49 6128 970-818

Postal Adress :

Neuhofer Strasse 7,

D - 65527 Niedernhausen

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