Printing blankets

Offset printing - surely the most common printing method throughout the world - requires offset blankets to transfer the inks to the printing material. The range of products which can be printed using the offset method is rather comprehensive: metal sheets for manufacturing containers, large cans, and drink cans, all kind of stocks for newspapers, magazines, bank notes to name just a few examples.

Offset blankets are specially developed for specialised applications.

Most precise reproduction quality is required when printing ultra-fine patterns on bank notes.

J.V. NIEBERGALL supplies offset blankets for the following applications:

Metal 1   ( Sheet Fed Metal Decorating  -Using Conventional Inks) 
Metal 2    ( Two-piece Can Decoration  )
Metal 2a ( Two-piece Can Decoration )
Metal 3   ( Sheetfed Metal Decorating  - Using UV Curing Inks )
Accura High Quality Sheet Fed Printing
Blanket Barring Sytems Sheet Fed Printing
China Blue Commercial Sheet Fed Applications
Commander Premium Grade, High Speed Sheet Fed Applications
Grey Conventional General Purpose Offset Blanket
Super Blue Conventional Premium Sheet Fed Applications
Super 5 General Purpose Sheet Fed Applications
Super 7 Applications with Sheet or Ink Release Problems
TR Turquoise True Rolling' Compressible Blanket for Sheet and Web Fed Presses
UV Compressible Applications using UV Curing Inks

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