Rapid access and Photo Typesetting Chemistry

Reprographic R 30

Film Developer used at 1:3 dilution.

Universal developer for high-temperature in normal and Rapid Access processors. Reccomended for any line, rapid access and phototypsetting material. (correspond to Ilfographic LC SP 349).

Compographic A 330

Film Developer used at 1:2 dilution.

Extremely-high-contrast-developer, formulated to processors and particularly suitable for Agfa-Ilford films and papers. Suitable to obtain high-density and sharp images. (correspond  to Agfa G 101 C).

Reprographic R 94

Film Developer used at 1:3 dilution.

Two-parts (A+B), anti-fog developer designed for phototype-setting and Du Pont line materials. Outstanding results also with other films and papers. Excellent resistance to oxidation and clean working. (correspond to Du Pont CUFD).

Reprographic R 2000

Film Developer used at 1 :4 dilution.

Developer, formulated particularly for scanners films and also for duplicating contact films, especially if a reduction is required. (correspond to Kodak 2000).

Reprographic R 92

Film Developer used at 1:3 dilution.

High-contrast developer, in two parts (A and B for line and contact works as well as for phototypesetting materials’ treatement. Particularly indicated for Fuji films and papers). Also used as Regenerator, (correspond to STARDOT Fuji).

Rapid Fixer R 90

for films.

Universal rapid fixer, for tray or machine processing. Dilute with 3 parts water for film and with 7 parts for paper.

Farmer A Reducer conc. 1:4

for local films etching.

Maximum dilution to use 1+4 water.

Farmer B Reducer conc. 1:9

for local films etching.

Maximum dilution to use is 1:9 with water and following 1:1 with Farmer A Reducer.

Chemical and auxiliares for Repro and Mounting Room

Liquid Mounting Adhesive

The RIEF Montage Glue has especially good properties in connection with even spraiyng and sticking strenght. Film and foil remain in good conditions. The glue may also be applied on glass. The mounting adhesive can be applied by brushing or using a glueing machine. Extremely transparent, does not tend to yellow on old mountings and is suitable to be used on polyester supports, film or glass.

RIEF-Glue guarantees perfect, non slip adhesion of the film and can be easily an effortlessy removed, even after long intervals, using RIEF ANTISTATIC FILMCLEANER.

Spray Mounting Adhesive

free from CFC.

When applying our RIEF-MOUNTING-GLUE-SPRAY make sure to keep a spraying distance of approx. 30 cms. from the film or foil. The valve of the spray gives the possibility of a very accurate and homogeneous distribution, and only a very thin coating on the film or foil is needed. After a short time the glue coated film can be assembled. After assembling, the film is stopped and could be removed without problems also after long time. The RIEF-MOUNTING-GLUE-SPRAY on the film can be easily and effortlessly removed, even after long time, using the RIEF-ANTISTATIC-FILMCLEANER.

Water soluble Adhesive spray

It is a water-soluble spray glue which can be repositioned used in graphic mounting.

This water-glue-spray, as far as adhesiveness is concerned, is similar to solvent glues but, being water soluble, has many advantages. It can be easily eliminated from films and solid surfaces, where it is being used, with water. Moreover, as opposed to solvent glues, it does not accumulate in the lungs: when inhaled by the technician it is dissolved by pulmonary mucus and naturally eliminat

Available in packaging: 300 ml-can in a box with 12 items

Spray Glass Cleaner

free from CFC.

The RIEF-GLASS-CLEANER-SPRAY with its high cleaning effiency is especially adressed to Graphic Industry. Due to a well balanced composition of cleaning and wetting agents a foam takes place during application treating the glass surface carefully. The GLASS-CLEANER  is mainly applied for the cleaning of printing frame glasses, illuminated desks, contact printers and camera objects lenses. But the cleaner may also be used for other glass objects like mirrors, windows etc. The application is quite simple. The sprayed lather is the right dosage needed especially for cleaning vertical glasses.

Antistatic Filmcleaner

for films and foils.

This extremely efficient antistatic product is highly suitable for cleaning mounting supports.

RIEF-FILMCLEANER-ANTISTATIC has no problems in removing film glue, foil residues, traces of grease, dust and ink from plastic supports, films, photographic paper scanners and layouts. A special component prevents static electricity of materials being treated. Pour the RIEF-FILMCLEANER directly on the support or one the cloth free from impurities and then clean the surface. The RIEF-Filmcleaner is almost odourless, non irritant to skin and eyes, leaves no greasy or other types of residues and can also be used with film-cleaning machines if required.

Economical Filmwash

for films and foils.

It is not antistatic and is applied for the removal of dust, finger prints and glue residues on mounting foils and repro films. The application of the Economical-Filmwash is quite simple. The Film-Wash may be poured directly on the surface of the foil or on a dustfree cloth and wiped on. Dirty parts, specks and spots will be easily wiped off. The Film-Wash is very economical and also the smallest quantity will guarantee an optimal cleaning result.

Antistatic spray

This product eliminates electrostatic charge from treated surfaces. Once the surface has become antistatic, it does not attract dust, hairs, etc. anymore and stays perfectly clean for a long time.

Available in packaging: 400 ml-can in a box with 12 items.

Antinewton Spray

Antinewton Spray is a product which prevents the formation of Newton rings in scanner reproduction when used on the film surface. It is common knowledge that the formation of Newton rings is due to light refraction from microscopie air bubbles, which form between the film surface and the scanner drum surface because of the perfect planarity and the scanner drum surface because of the perfect planarity and the brightness degree of the two surfaces. Antinewton deposits micro-particles of resin on the film surface which will be in contact with the scanner drum. These micro-particles make the surface quite rough. Thanks of this roughness there is perfect air emission between the two surfaces. Therefore there will not be any air bubbles and, so the phenomen of Newton rings will be avoided.

Available in packaging: 200 ml.can a box with 12 items

Antistatic Cleaner for scanners

This cleaner has the same general characteristics of “Antistatic Cleaner”: excellent cleaning power and antistatic properties, but its formulation has been specifically studied for cleaning scanner drums.

It works on all antinewton products and does not make the drum opaque. It can therefore be regularly used without any sort of risk for the equiment. It cannot be used on offset plates since it corrodes the diazo or photopolymer emulsion.

Available in packaging: 1 lt. bottle in box with 6 items

Red Mask Opaque Inactinic  Pens for Films

for films retouching with an antievaporation aluminium body.

High density covering red pens for the masking of photographic films. The deep red ink completely absorbs the wavelengths included in the spectrum sensitivity of the printing shapes, therefore covering completely. It is fast drying and the layer remaining on the film is resistant and elastic. The Red-Mask-Opaque pens are marketed with the three usual tips: ultra-fine, fine and medium. The pens with fine and medium tips are with cartridge barrel, that is, the ink inside the pen comes out  by applying pressure to the tip, which in turn opens a special spring valve. Ultra-fine pens have the usual blotter. All of them are in aluminium to prevent the ink from evaporating.

Available in packaging: 10 pen-box

Non-Actinic Felt-Tip Pens

They are blue and non-actinic, that is they cause no effect, specifically no kind of absorption, on the light. This is the reason why there are suitable for writing on films and/or mounting, for those signs and marks which do not have to be transferred onto the printing plates. Non-actinic felt-tip pens marketed with thin and medium tips and have an aluminium body.

Available in packaging: 10 pen-box

Air Spray

High pressure dry spray for the cleaning of PCs, cameras, electronic appliances, etc.

Available in packaging: 400 ml-can in a box with 6 items

Cleaner-Kit for PC

This set of cleaning products specifically for PCs includes:

1x 200 ml.-Air spray can

1x 200 ml.-Antistatic fast Cleaner can specifically for the keyboard and plastic parts.

It evaporates extremely rapidly and can be sprayed directly onto  the keyboard without any risk for the electronic parts since it does not contain water.

    1x 2  ml. Antistatic Screen Cleaner can. It is a very powerful, antistatic, grease remover cleaner and is particularly suitable for cleaning the screen.

    Set of antistatic tissues and special sponges for a perfect cleaning even between keys.

Roll Cleaner

The sure elimination of the solid micro-impurities from films, assembly or from the crystal of “daylight contact printer” could be obtained with a tool named Roll Cleaner. Roll Cleaner acts on differents surfaces with a spool coat with a special and soft gum of high adhesivity, weakly brushing on critical parts for the possible presence of fine dust, Roll Cleaner detains all impurities as guarantee of the work’s success. The cleaning of the spool should be done with water or methylated spirit.

Density Toner

This product is made up of a mixture of solvents and other special products which, when in contact with the toner of laser printers, improves their photographic density.

Simply by spraying “Density Toner” on a polyester matt finish sheet printed with a laser printer, you get a photomechanic film can be avoided.

Available in packaging: 400 ml-can in a box with 6 items. Since there is no propellant gas, the quantity of active product in this version is the same as 400-ml. can.

Polyester film for montage clear

Untreated, optically clear polyester film of the highest dimensional stability


Optically bi-antistatic clear polyester film, calibrated thicknesses. Particularly suitable for step-and-repeat machines.

Available in size  and rolls in thickness: 50 – 75 – 100 – 175 micron

Millimeter Foils

Thickness 210 micron with backing support in polyester. The millimeter side of the grid is protected with another polyester film 36 micron thickness (0.175+0.36). They have the numerical frame.

Colour available: blue

Size cm.   35 x 50 – 55 x 75 – 70 x 100 – 80 x 110 – 105 x 135 – 120 x 145 – 120 x 160 – 130 x 165

Chemicals and auxiliares for Plate Making

075 Positive Developer available ready for use

All plates in the market may be processed with the 075 Developer: Adjusting the speed in plate processor. The correct temperature range of the developer should be 20-24  °C with a time of approx. 20-30 seconds in the developer section.

115 Positive Regenerator

The addition of Regenerator should be made after having processed approx. 50 sqm. of plates. The quantity of Regenerator necessary for the Develop is 50-70 ml/sqm.

097 Positive Universal Developer

available ready for use and concentrate 1:1

Most of the developers found on the market, even if supported by a regenerator, have an extremely limited duration and a very rapid decay. They behave in the same way during long halts pauses of the production during the weekend. The 097 Positive Universal Developer is ready to use and can be utilized on all positive presensitized plates produced in Europe, both in developing machine or manually. For presensitized plates Japanese manufacture it should be suitable dilute it with water.We wish to stress the considerable duration of 097 Positive Universal Developer, which with a tank load 30 lt. and its relative regeneration, permits the develop of approx. 800 sqm. of presensitized surface. In the case of occasional use the duration of performances can reach over 4 weeks.

For the regeneration on use the same 097 Positive Universal Developer pouring it in only after having about 50/60 sqm. with a quantity of about 50/70 ml. for sqm. If you intend to increase the duration of the Developer 097 we suggest the use of “097 POSITIVE REGENERATOR”.  The best results are obtained regulating the advanced speed of the plate so that the contact time of the developer is of about 20-30 seconds.

The tolerance of the temperature with Developer 097 has a very ample range, between 18-24 °C. The 097 Positive Universal Developer has also another exceptional feature: it does not form deposits and incrustations and maintain always clean the part that comes into contact.

097 Positive Regenerator

available ready for use.

Should it be necessary to furtherly increase the duration of development, we suggest the use of this REGENERATOR.

130 Positive Developer

Recommended only to bad developing.

Positive Developer concentrate 1:4

Positive developer buffered for positive plates. Diluted 1:4 with water it is used for manual processing.

Positive Developer concentrate 1:9

Positive developer buffered for positive plates. Diluted 1:9 with water it is used for manual processing.

097 Positive Developer in powder of 1016 gr.

for manual and machine processors.

Dilute 1 dose in 10 lt. water: it has same properties as 097 Positive Developer.

097 Positive Developer in powder 690 gr.

for manual developing.

Dilute 1 dose in 5 lt. water: it is cheaper for manual developing.

CN 97 Negative Developer

available ready for use.

Negative aqueous developer for negative plates. It may be used for manual or machine processing.

Positive Deleting Paste

With the RIEF-Positive-Deleting –Paste unwanted parts such as film edges, register marks etc. may be easily removed from the surface of any good quality positive printing plate available on the market. This paste is of environment friendly character and odourless. It is fast working, and a correction near the printing image is also possible because spreading or bleending out is eliminated. It also leaves no traces or markings on the surface and the plate will not be damaged. The thyxotropic paste formula permits a safe and easy work also for who wants to carry out accurate and definite corrections right up to the limits of the image area closed to others wiithout spreading the solvent.

Negative Deleting Paste

Deleting paste for negative presensitized offset plates.


with antievaporation aluminium body.

RIEF-Correcting-Pens are available in two versions with different points: fine and large. The RIEF-Correcting-Pens are used to remove effortlessy unwanted image parts, film edges, register marks as carryng out corrections near the image parts as there is no spreading. After correction is completed wipe the treated area with a wet sponge or cloth. Printing can be resumed without problems of light fog or inking in the erased areas.


with synthetic body.

It has the same properties as pen with aluminium body. Available with Ultra-fine, Fine, Large and Super big point.


for negative offset plates.

Correcting pens for presensitized negative plates, with synthetic body. Available with fine and large point.


with antieavaportation aluminium body.

The RIEF-Diazo-Plus-Correcting-Pens is used to add to the image areas for example register marks or missing or faulty images on positive or negative offset plates. It is available with fine and large point.


developing machine’s cleaning in powder concentrate 1:10.

Diluite 1 Dose in 10 lt. water: removes all developer salt encrustations and crystallisations from rollers, tanks and contact zones from offset-developing processors.

Diazo-Pool-Matic concentrate 1:4

Dilute 1 lt. in 4 lt. water: it removes all developer salt encrustations and crystallisations from rollers, tanks and contact zones from offset-developing, processors. Diazo-Pool-Matic is one of the strongest removers.

097 Anti-Foam-Concentrate

It is suitable for all foams elimination. (plate processors).

Fargum M 1085 concentrate 1:1 or ready to use

These requirements are fully satisfied by RIEF-Fargum M 1085, especially created for use in developing processors both with diazo-positive and negative presensitized plates. Fargum M 1085 excludes the formation of mildew, does not crystallize on the conveyor and squeezer rollers, neutralize alkaline surfaces and allows a right preparation of corrections. During printing start Fargum M 1085 dissolves, ensuring a rapid inking favoured by the special lypophile additives, which guarantees clean printing without fogging.

Fargum Z

etch gumming solution.

It is a medium gumming with etching properties also applicable for manual processing, especially for production runs. Fargum Z regenerates and makes the plate surface hydrophilic and ensures a brillant printing. In case of a considerable scumming using Fargum, you can solve the problem with our products RIEF-Plate CLEANER 90 or POLISH 90.

Fargum V

gumming solution which greatly improves the inking.

It as an alternative product to Fargum M 1085, only for manual processing.Fargum V is only applied after development and corrections are completed. Due to special additives this product betters the inking on the printing plate.

Diazothermo Burning Solution

Available ready for use or concentrate 1:9.

Product for thermosetting positive plates. For manual and machine use. Diluted in right proportion and uniformly applied, it allows excellent and homogeneous “backing”.

PVC Racle

Plater wiper to be used after the hand-developing phase. Available in 40 cm. length. Spares at request.

Rotostilo Deleting battery equipment

with rubber rotating point suitable to be used for remove effortlessly unwanted image parts from thermoduring plates.

Temperature Indicators

It is adapt for hardening ovens and used to check the homogeneously of the “plates-backing” It is available in strips of N. 10 elements for the following ranges: 193-254_°C.

Compressed Sponges

Available in the following sizes:

    little (water developped): 130 x  95 x 38 h mm.

    big  (water developped): 155 x105 x 45 h mm.

Developing Pad for manual developing

Pads made of polystyrene foam with soft pelouches to develop presensitized plates by hand.

pH Tester ep

Is the only pH tester with automatic temperature compensation.

Range: 0.0 to 14.0 pH – Resolution: 0.1 pH – Accuracy: +/- 0.2 pH – Operating Temperature: from 0 to 50°C (32 to 132 °F) – Dimensions: 142 L x 29 W x 15 H mm – 65 gr. – Battery Life: 1,000 hours of continuous use.

Conductivity meter 8633

Range 0.0 to 199,9

Folding metal linen tester

10x10 enlargement 12x – 15x15 enlargement 10x – 20x20 enlargement 8x

Microscop with light box

Adjustable focus. 15x

Viscous Sponges

Not compressed sponges 160 x 125 x 45 h.

Chemicals and auxiliares for Press Room

Cleaner 90

normal cleaner for positive or negative offset-plates.

It removes appearance of tones and regenerates resp. activated the image parts. It is often necessary for the lithograph operator to intervene during the printing or when the machine is at standstill in order to remove from scumming, blind spots, inking of non-image areas, and oxidation on presensitizes plates. Cleaner 90 solves these problems in the best way and does not damage the plates. This treatment favours rapid inking. Cleaner 90 is odourless, not harmful to the health.

Polish 90

cleaner for the rapid removal of oxidation.

Removes appearance of tones and regenerates resp. activates the image parts on positive or negative presensitized plates. The formula of Polish 90 consists of a particular combination of hydrophile and lypophile components which, when passed over the plate with a viscouse sponge, removes the ink, eliminates the oxidation which causes inking of non-image area and, at the same time, activates the printing areas and prepares them for easy and rapid inking. Also Polish 90 does not damage the plates.

Plate each

De-sensitising etch

Eliminates scumming from non-image areas



This product has a double function: washing out the printing ink and gumming (preserving) the printing plate at the same time. The product is mainly used during long printing stops for positive and negative presensitized plates destined for subsequent reprinting.

Stabil Fount 500

Fountain solution concentrate for damping system without Isopropyl-Alcohol (IPA).

Concentrate fountain solution with excellent printing-technical properties, about 15 degrees of water hardening for damping system without Isopropyl-Alcohol (IPA). The addition of approx. 2% is general sufficient for any damping system. STABIL FOUNT 500 guarantees stable pH regulation between 4,7 and 5,3; long lasting buffer, it excludes the formation of mildew or algae, regularizes evaporation, reduces surface tension and improves the filmogen characteristics. It is suitable for every type of dampening system.

Stabil Fount RO 500

Fountain solution concentrate for damping system with Isopropyl-Alcohol (IPA)

Stabil Fount 1000

Fountain solution concentrate for damping system with and without IPA

Concentrate fountain solution with excellent printing-technical properties for damping systems with and without IPA. The additional of approx. 2% is general sufficient for any damping system.Stabil Fount 1000 guarantees: stable pH regulation between 4.7 and 5.3,

long lasting buffer, it excludes the formation of mildew or algae. Regularizes evaporation, reduces surface tension and improves the filmogen characteristics. It is suitable for every

type of dampening system.

Alcolor pH-Matic Fountain Solution

ready for use.

This damping fountain solution is supplied to be used and is particularly indicated with the “Alcolor-Damping-System”.


Concentrate fountain solution and substitutive of Isopropil Alcohol.

Isofree is a bivalent fountain solution of which the combined action of wetting agents, surface tension reducers and buffered salts gives the opportunity to eliminate totally the use of Isopropyl Alcohol and the fountain solutions. Isofree suitable for all dampening systems, “Dahlgren, Man, Koebau, Roland-Matic, Harris-Duotrol and Heidelberg-Alcolor” included both with regard to sheet offset machines such as using reels. Isofree joins all the necessary characteristics for an excellent foutain solution: Wetting substances, Surface tension reducers, Buffer agent, Antibacteric agents, Antifoam agents. Dilute at 2% to obtain a dampening solution with pH values between 4,8 and 5. Temperature of dampening solution: between 8 and 12 C.  Better results are assured with the use of rubber dampening rollers having a rubber surface with hardness between 22 and 25° Shore.

Biokill 2000

This product eliminates the bacteria and micro-organism in the fountain solution and in the damping systems.

Antifoam 2000

Defoamer solution for fountain solutions.


Roller and Blanket washer water-miscible. Ideal for through cleaning.

This very efficient blanket and roller wash is water-miscible. GREENWASH is formulated with solvents a vegetables base and pure normal solvents. Greenwash is odourless and containing corrosion inhibitor. This product does not fall under the dangereous goods regulation.

Wash 64

Roller and Blanket washer

For manual and automatic cleaning, free of aromatics, flash points 60 °C.

Wash 77

Roller and blanket washer

For  manual and automatic cleaning, free of aromatics, flash points 77 °C.

Wash 91

Roller and Blanket washer water-miscible.

WASH 91 is reccommended for daily washing operations with the manual method, automatical blanket or roller washers and, regardless of the frequency of use, it prevents the gum from hardening, increasing in that way the duration and the conveyance of the ink, with good advantages to the printing quality. Mixed up to 25% with water, it forms an emulsion which permits the perfect washing of the blanket, cleaning away at the same time, ink and paper deposits. Constant use will bring to a prolongued blanket and roller life and will maintain the surface as new. WASH 91 reduces ink usage (and wastage) as a result of reduced gazing of rollers and blankets. This property allows to WASH 91 to be considered  “the first choice” for printers who want to realize the maximum reduction in blanket and roller replacement costs. WASH 91 is corrosive inhibiting, this means that it cannot cause any metal oxydation. It will even remove the most obstinate ink parts has regenerating properties.

Wash 94

All-purpose, pure-solvent-mixture, water-miscible wash for rollers and blankets.

Very efficient blanket and roller wash, regular use ensures no glaze build up and fast colour changes. Good evaporation rate means no residue can be left in roller pyramid. Continues use will result in prolonged blanket and roller life and will maintain an “as new” surface. WASH 94 reduces ink usage as result of reduced gazing of rollers and blankets. This properties make WASH 94 the first choice for the printer who insists on the finest possible print quality coupled with the maximum reduction and roller replacement costs. WAH 94 contains corrosive inhibitor.

Inoudor Wash

Non miscible with water general purpose blanket and rollers solvent.

An economical non-water-emulsifiable washer ideal for use on large sheet-fed and web offset machines.Incorporating the very latest technology, this non emulsifiable cleaning solvent is suitable for both blanckets and rollers. It is especially recommended to be used on press with integrated damping systems where it is essential to use a solvent free of emulsifiers. INOUDOR WASH is also being used in same automatic blanket washing units. It has no know adverse effect on any currently available conventional and CTP-Offset-Plates.

Color Wash

A highly popular and economical damper wash expressly for cleaning dampers. Due to its low cost efficiency it is now on the largest selling products of its type and highly competitive solvents. It may be used for manual application or in any of the automatic damping machines available to the trade. COLOR WASH is completely water-miscible ensuring through removal with an adeguate final rinse. It leaves no greasy residue to contaminate the chrome or stainless steel distributor rollers in the damping units which cause plate marking or roller swelling. It is structured to remain on the surface of the dampers and not spill-off during cleaning and will harm damper stocks if throughly rinsed out.

Matic Wash

For automatic blanket wash units.

For all purposes, pure solvent, water-miscible-wash. Remove ink and loose paper coating from the surface of blankets.


Medium ecologic damper washing.

An ecologic damper wash expressly developed for manual application and for automatic damper machines. ROTOHYDRO is 100% biodegradable and is completely water mixable. ROTOHYDRO is the higly efficient and environmentally medium damping washing made on a total vegetable base.

Solv 90

An extremely efficient blanket and roller wash with built – in rejuvenator and deglazer. The fast evaporation rate makes SOLV 90 for web or sheet offset machines.

U.V. Wash

Especially formulated to meet the demand for an efficient solvent which will lift and remove UV-inks from rollers and blankets and possess and acceptable working odour.

Air Clean

The new generation of biodegradable products, derived from vegetable oils for the washing of inking-rollers and of blankets.

The main advantages toward the traditional detergents on basis of oil derivates or aromatic solvents are:

    do not contain noxious substances for environment

    do not derive from mineral oils

    do not contain toxic, noxious or irritant substances for the health

    are not flammable and do not cause storage problems

    are in conformity with the new requirements of usage security and ecological protection

    do not contain Organic-Volatile-Compound (V.O.C.) and so are not involved in noxious transmissions in the environment

    the consumptions are reduced 1/5  toward the usual detergents for the offset washing of inking rollers and blankets

    do not oxidize and do not harden the rubber

    are miscible or removable with water

    could be used with machines with drying oven for inks

    they do not swell the rubber, they do not draw on the plates and do not oxide the metals

Air Clean

is suitable for all kind of inks and it is not water miscible

Air Clean Mix

is suitable for all kind of inks and is miscible with water

Air Clean Milk

has been developped to dissolve contemporaneously the paper and ink residuals from the rubber in only one operation.


Blanket and roller revitaliser.

It cleans and rejuvenates rubber surfaces for optimum printing performance. To maintain a smooth glaze-free. Prevents hardening.


Blanket and roller revitaliser.

A rubber regenerator which infiltrates deeply into the capillary structure of the rubber blanket and therefore, achieves a regenerating and preserving effect. REVITAL dissolves strong crusted color residuals on rubber rollers and all other machine parts. It influences the surface on the rubber blanket, so that after treatment ink acceptance and ink transfer is most favourable. The surface quality of the rubber blanket will be activated without the risk of swelling or influencing the quick-release-characterisation of blankets. REVITAL leaves unburned positive offset plates carrier printing plates uneffected. Even in concentrated form it does a dissolving effect on the diazo-plate-offset-coating.

Air Clean Refresh

Biodegradable blanket and roller revitaliser.


For the control of the pH in fountain solution with digital tester.

The ph-Step tester is simple to use and an accurate and reliable tool controlling ph levels. It is a microprocessor based on automatic calibration and automatic temperature compensation.

The range is 0,0 – 14,0 pH.


Repairs smashes on blankets in seconds.

Anti Skin

Antidrying spray for offset inks.

It prevents the printer ink from drying during long breaks. Thanks to its formulation with a high concentration of active principle, Anti Skin is suitable for the protection of the ink surface from oxidation, that is the formation of a skin, even during night stop.

pH Indicator Paper

Universal indicator pH 1-10 including colour scale: 100 strips.

Compressible Blanket R 400

Sheet fed offset currently operates at velocities that are higher than never before, whlist at the same time the demands for the printing result are also on the increase. Blanket 400 is a compressible blanket, which grants high standards in printing quality, flexibility and durability. Good solid printing just like a sharp dot can be quickly and economically achieved with Blanket R 400. In addition, the format changes can be done very easily, due to the new cover compound. This also protects the compressible layer, thus ensuring a balanced print quality over a prolonged characteristics have been additionally improved, so that the sheet release is at its optimum even with extremely thin printing materials.

Structure : cover with superfine surface structure – low-elongation, high-tensible cotton fabric – compressible layer – highly elastic, intermediate layer.

Characteristics: Insensitive to edge cutting and format changes – low dat again – uniform ink transfer behaviour – excellent paper release – easy washability – for all standard types of paper


- Colour                   :  Turquoise

- R 400                    :  Brown woven threads in cotton fabric

- Thyckness             :  1,95 mm. 4 ply

- Plane parallelism

  elongation               :  <-1,8

- Compressibility       :  Approx. 8%

- Hardness               :  Approx. 77 Shore

- Delivery form :           Rolls and cut to size blankets


Chemicals and Accessories _for various conventional Offset Printing Down Processes

RIEF’s Process ZWO                          RIEF’s Process P 43

(Acid Development)                             (Water Development)

(micro-grained alu plates)                        (micro-grained alu plates)


* Coating Solution ZWO or                      * Coating Solution P 43 violet or blue

* Coating Solution ZWO dark                  * Deep Etch

* Developer ZWO                                  * Stop-out Solution green

* Deep Etch                                           * Lacquer S

* Stop-out Solution green                         * Protection Ink

* Lacquer S                                            * De-Stenciller Removit

* Protection Ink                                      * Fargum Z

* Fargum Z                                            * Wash-out Solution Clenar Gum


RIEF’s Process ZWO                          RIEF’s Process P 43

on Multilayer Plates                             on Multilayer Plates


* Coating Solution ZWO or                      * Coating Solution P 43 violet or blue

* Coating Solution ZWO dark                  * Hardener

* Developer for multilayer plates              * Stop-out Varnish 68 (water soluble)

* Stop-out Varnish 68 (water soluble)       * Chrome Etch fast or

* Chrome Etch fast                                 * Chrome Etch odourless

* Chrome Etch odourless                         * SP-Tribi

* SP-Tribi                                               * De-Stenciller Removit for Tribi

* Fargum O                                            * Fargum O



RIEF’s Printing Down                         RIEF’s Lithostrip Process

Process on Folie


* Polisher for plastics foils                       * Polisher for platics foils

* Coating solution ZWO or                      * Pre-Treatment

* Coating solution ZWO dark                   * Coating Solution P 43 red or violett

* Developer for foils                               * Dye Solution A red

* Stop-out Medium red                            * Dye Solution B black

Film dyes black, coloured or colourless.

Chemicals for Wipe One Negative and Positive process

Wipe on negative coating and relative develop

for manual sensibilisation of offset plates.

Wipe on positive coating and relative develop

for manual sensibilisation of offset plates.