Druckluft-Hakenschießgerät / Air-Launcher 


EDS Enter Druckluft System

Aufentern von Haken mit Druckluft

System RGES-Launcher: 

 System OT-Launcher:  http://niebergall.de/jo173/index.php/weitere-produkte/162-ot-launcher


Der Launcher wurde in Kooperation mit Anwendern bei Polizei und Armee entwickelt und wird in Deutschland sowie anderen NATO - Staaten verwendet.

Er besteht aus Spezialaluminium 356-T6 und verschießt mit Druckluft Seile, Haken, Kletterleitern.


The Launcher is the most rugged and farthest-reaching line throwing device offered. The body is cast from 356-T6 Aluminum for the best weight-to-strength ratio. When equipped with a High Pressure Projectile the deployment ranges are almost doubled. The housing is inert to seawater and can be used in land-based operations as well as surface and subsurface maritime environments to throw a line only, a grappling hook with climbing line or ladder, and/or the SF40 Running Gear Entanglement System (RGES).

  • Utilizing a patented air-thrust technology, the launcher is non-pyrotechnic, reusable, and refillable.
  • Launcher housings are cast from 356-T6 Aluminum for the best weight-to-strength ratio. The launcher´s barrels are powder-coated black for covert operations and have a lifetime guarantee against all hazards.
  • 4,500 psi / 300 bar service pressure line projectile.
  • 3,000 psi / 207 bar service pressure line projectile.

Maximum Distance
The launcher is capable of deploying a 3,200 lb test strength line horizontally up to 330 ft/ 100 m. The launcher can deploy a 7.0 mm climbing line with a grappling hook vertically up to 165 ft / 50 m. A 65 ft / 20 m Tactical Ladder and grappling hook can be fully deployed by the launcher.

Maximum Safety
The safety mechanism is "always on," resetting automatically when a projectile is inserted.

The projectile's "Push-Click" engagement allows easy reloading, even in the dark.

A pressure relief burst disk prevents unsafe pressure build-up that could result from exposure to extreme heat.

Each launcher is fitted with a luminous pressure gauge for close visibility at night.

Maximum Performance
Multi-Shot Capacity.
The patented nozzle valve permits any number of projectiles to be precharged and stored with the unit, allowing deployment of multiple projectiles in rapid succession.




Nicht-elektrische Manometer-Beleuchtung (erspart das Aufkleben von Mini-Knicklichtern auf dem Zifferblatt) absehbar immer und überall


Das Bild zeigt den Druck-Manometer unseres Air-Launchers.

Vers.Nr. / NSN  6685-12-399-4321 / Anzeiger, Druck




Es kann vorkommen, das die Einteilung 0 - 250 bar zu detailliert ist.
Darum wurde ein Instrument mit 0 - 160 bar entwickelt, das größere Ablesbarkeit im Hauptanwendungsbereich bietet:

Nachtansicht des Manometers http://niebergall.de/jo173/index.php/weitere-produkte/164-manometer-nacht